Our Mission
We exist to help people discover and then grow in the knowledge of God's love and
purpose for us in Jesus Christ. We do this by:

Organising worship which is lively, informal and up to date while being true to
   what the Bible teaches.
Reaching out to the community through groups for different ages and interests.
Running short courses in which people can investigate the teachings of
   Christianity for themselves.
Meeting in small groups to help one another grow.
Welcome to the website of the Kinson & West Howe Team Ministry.

We are two Church of England churches in North Bournemouth on the South Coast of England.
To visit the site of one of the churches please click on the logo above.

Kinson & West Howe Team Ministry

Church Profile
Both churches are in the evangelical tradition of the Church of England
are open the the renewing work of the Holy
Spirit and work hard at making connections with the local community.

St Andrew's is over 900 years old and is the larger of the two with
    approaching 200 members.

St Philip's started in 1953 and is situated at the heart of the
   West Howe Estate and has about 50 members.